Benifits of Running

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You are mentally strong & relaxed

Running in natural environment work as a shield against mental health conditions. Going to gym or working out at home cannot provide these benefits

You are becoming a quick learner

Running stimulates growth of fresh grey matter in brain. Just a month of running will result in thousands of new brain cells. This means you will learn new stuff a lot more quickly and easily.

You are living a healthy lifestyle

Running will gradually affect and improve your diet and lifestyle habits. You will manage to cut down your booze intake and avoid having those heavy drinking periods.

You feel more confident

Running will make you think highly of yourself.It can also work as an effective tool to boost self esteem in kids.Running or exercise can increase self-esteem in children or young people.

You are in control of your life

Aerobic exercise like running will activate brain area that is responsible for executive functions like attention control, working memory, or cognitive flexibility. It will help you work towards achieving your goals without losing focus

You become Smarter

Running results in increased cortisol levels that is needed for better memorization and information retention

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